High Intelligence Means That You Are On The Margins

Child in graduate uniform writing some formulas

Having high intelligence almost always means you are living life on the margins. Of course, the perfect example of this was Albert Einstein.

People with high intelligence break new ground and are always looking for things to challenge them. Mainstream thinkers are followers, geniuses are always ahead of the herd. Often times, way ahead…

But, let’s look at the common traits of genius from another angle:

  • They Don’t Fake It – If you ask a genius a question that he doesn’t know the answer to, he will quickly admit that face.
  • They Are Meta – That is, they analyze their own thought process. They leverage that awareness to their advantage.
  • They Are Always Curious – They have an innate desire to know more, to get into the details just for the sake of knowing.
  • They Know How To Simplify Complex Problems – And, better yet, solve them.

If you have any of these characteristics, you are at one level or another a genius, and you are likely well aware that you live on the margins. In fact, you probably celebrate that you are different.

One of my first “grownup” books that I read at the age of twelve was a biography of Einstein. He simply fascinated me. Maybe that is one of the many reasons that most of my life has been on the margins too. How about you?