Another Approach…

I know President Biden has tried many different approaches to get LMPIs (lazy-minded, proudly-ignorant) people to get a vaccination. He has offered cash incentives and even an instant lottery ticket for only those who take the shot. That doesn’t seem to have worked, so now he is trying mandates. You get vaccinated or you lose your job. I suspect that will work for some, but the die-hards and ultra-LMPIs will even resist that.

They insist that it impinges on their personal freedoms, and they would rather die than allow that to happen. But, it seems obvious that that rationalization was long ago abandoned by previous actions.

  • Don’t stop signs and stoplights impede people from going as fast as they want?
  • Don’t seatbelts and motorcycle helmets do the same?
  • How about mandating a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle?
  • Or requiring proof of insurance before you can license your car?
  • Or, for that matter, even licensing your car?

The list goes on and on. Let’s face it, there are an infinite number of laws and regulations for overall public safety that in one way or another, people just don’t like, but they obey them anyway.

But, given the extreme disparity our society is now in, it is unlikely that any reasonable approach will satisfy these folks. So, it’s time for something more radical.

How about another approach?

Let’s face the facts. No, I am not talking about LMPIs, but instead I’m talking to the rest of us, the sane ones. The present mask mandates are in place mainly to keep those who are not vaccinated from getting sick or dying. Why do we need to protect people who won’t protect themselves? It has been shown that 99% of those now dying from COVID are unvaccinated. 90% of those in hospitals for COVID are unvaccinated.

Let’s do away with ALL mandates on vaccinations and Masks Immediately

Let’s turn this around and say that if you want to avoid dying from COVID, either get vaccinated or YOU wear the mask. We won’t protect you any longer. If you do contract this virus and are hospitalized, it will be up to you to find a hospital that has room for you. After all, this would be a self-inflicted thing. If you do find a room, then expect a 50% surcharge that your insurance won’t cover for your hospital expenses. It is estimated that the typical hospital stay for this preventable illness is around $50,000! That will be a $25,000 bill for your right not to get vaccinated or wear a mask. I wonder how the LMPIs would respond to that.

One tragic part of this solution would be that those who have compromised autoimmune systems will have to live in a bubble until the self-imposed pandemic is finally over. Of course, their freedoms will be ignored by the LMPIs, who are currently taking them away.

Let them live with the consequences of their ignorance. Why should the rest of us have to suffer for them?

(now, before you get into the attack mode, this whole post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek… or maybe it isn’t 😎)

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