Do Something # 1 – Learn Something New

This post is introducing yet another special series entitled “Do Something“. As the title and logo implies, it is about getting off your butt and doing something about making your life fuller and more fruitful. It is simply useless to just sit back and wait for life to come to you. All you are doing is running out the clock, and that’s a boring way to live!

Unlike most of the special series here on RJsCorner, this one will not have a weekly schedule, but instead will be like a btw (by the way) thing. It will primarily be about ideas for things that might make your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Let’s get busy with this post.

I am always seeking out ways to be more creative in my life, and especially here on RJsCorner. To that end, I find “The Medium” website to be invaluable. It is made up of a group of creative people who teach me about so much of the world I didn’t know existed. In that vein, I want to direct you to a particular post about creativity entitled 20 Top Rated Creativity and Design Courses. Maybe some will interest you.

I think that anyone who wants to be more creative will find something here to do about that. I have a few in mind myself.

Share Your Thoughts..

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