Becoming Disentangled From The World

I seem to be quickly disengaging myself from the part of the world that disturbs me the most. Of course, the primary one is politics. I used to look at politics with a helicopter view, now it is more like a “some other world” curiosity. But, that is not the only thing that is now off my radar screen.

During my wife’s very short, but miraculously lucid period two days before her death, I told her that I didn’t know if I could cope in the hearing world without her help. She gave me two pieces of advice.

Chill Out – Don’t worry about thing you have no control over

Be Patient – I become very intolerant of things that don’t happen on my schedule

My disentanglement is toward advice number 1. Politics as most world events has been getting worse over the last couple of decades. They were pretty bad before, but they are coming to be intolerable now. There is nothing I can do about that, so I am for the most part leaving that world behind. My life going forward will be directed toward things I can accomplish, things to maybe make a small difference in a very troubled world.

I suppose all those who used to come to RJsCorner for my political views have long since left, but I also seem to have some new folks who appreciate what I deem important now. Just because politics is off my radar doesn’t mean that I don’t have some pretty strong views of how we are messing up the world with our ignorance and laziness. You can still expect those posts once in a great while.

You could say I am getting more philosophical in my old age. I want to understand and maybe help someone who has some difficulties in life similar to mine. Some of my new categories here at RJsCorner include:

  • Coping with hearing loss
  • Destigmatizing Autism, particularly the Aspie portion
  • Understanding our emotions and how to make them productive instead of destructive
  • The adventures, trials, and tribulations of living in a retirement community life
  • Giving others a view of my end-of-life trauma with my wife
  • Living on the margins of life. I am an expert at that. 🥴
  • Helping young people understand that they should be paying attention to my words, as they will become “old” much sooner than they think.
  • Helping everyone understand that a productive life means Thinking For Yourself, Questioning Everything, and Never Stop Learning.

I’m sure there will be a few other new categories spring up here, but this list should keep me journaling here for years beyond my death. 😎

2 thoughts on “Becoming Disentangled From The World

  1. Just started following you recently and truly enjoy your thoughts, your insights and candor. Some of your writing has affected me deeply. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Michelle, and welcome to RJsCorner. Many of my post in the last 3 months have affected me deeply too. 😀 Losing a spouse is harder than I ever imagined. Please come back often with you input. It is appreciated.

      The post coming tomorrow is one of the hardest ones I have ever written in my 13 years at RJsCorner. It took me three months before I could put these words on paper.


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