About Emotions #6 -I Need More Time…

No, I am not talking about adding a few more years to my life, although that would be welcomed, at least if they were healthy years. What I am talking about is my special series entitled “About Emotions”. I told you at the start of this series that I wanted to get more info about just what emotions are all about. I wanted to see what the scientific community thinks they understand about emotions.

I’m pretty deep into this study now, but I am not even close to doing the scientific community thing yet. I need more time to look at this topic from a personal gut level. Since I am a dictator here on RJsCorner I can do whatever I like, so I am going to dig deeper on a personal level relative to my Aspie traits, before I try to discover what is “normal” when it comes to emotions. I know most of my life I have been confused about emotions. I even doubted that I have any at a significant level.

So, I am going to reach down in my gut to see where I stand on the topic from a deaf and Aspie standpoint. Both of those conditions have bearing on the subject, but I don’t really know which contributes what to this topic, so I won’t try to separate them now.

Next week, hopefully, I will be getting into how I believe these traits affect the six core emotions, as shown here. Surprisingly, I have discovered that the “emotions wheel” that I talked a little about last week, has almost infinite versions. I could probably wall paper my entire apartment with all the differences and never repeat a pattern. I haven’t made my final choice, but I am leaning towards this one. I just think that the Junto Institute does a better job of getting to the basics than all the others I have found so far. Click HERE to see more about them.

In near future posts, I will be looking at my personal feelings and life experiences of the six core emotions at the center of the chart. I have never tried to pin down my feelings about emotions to such a degree, doing so now should be an interesting self-discovery. I know I will learn something about myself, and I hope you will as well.

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