Baring My Soul…

Baring My Soul

People mention regularly here at RJsCorner how they are awed by me baring my soul so much here. Not very many people care to do that any more than they care to wash their dirty laundry in public. Why do I do it? That is what this post is all about.

Maybe to help others understand what they might someday be experiencing.

It’s so much easier to learn some lessons of life without having to endure them yourself. I have spent a lifetime with one struggle or another. I had to find the solutions pretty much on my own. One example is when I went deaf at midlife, my ear doctor basically just said, “goodbye, I can’t do any more for you”. I struggled for four months trying to find someone that could help me along this new path forced upon me. Finally, I found ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults). I just hope that I can give others some answers to their life problems. Maybe that is why I bare my soul here on RJsCorner.

Maybe it is because I simply MUST write, and my life experiences is what I know the most about.

I have kept a journal for almost all my adult life. That is a fundamental part of who I am. The older I get, the more I realize that maybe others can benefit from what I write in those journals. Maybe they won’t have to make the same mistakes I did if they read my words.

Or, maybe I just write because I can’t sing 🥸

Maybe it is to show others that there is someone else out there weirder than them.

I have spent much of my life thinking I was alone with so many of my afflictions in life. I eventually found that there were many others who have had the same experiences, but I just didn’t know it. Before the Internet, it was difficult to discover that lesson. Now all you have to do is to Google something to find others like yourself. I get quite a few new viewers that way. Maybe I journal on RJsCorner so that others won’t feel so alone.

Maybe it is to free my soul of all the baggage of life.

Writing things down helps me to put the thoughts to rest. When they are written, they somehow have permission to go to the background of my thoughts. Otherwise, they may linger for days and sometimes weeks, or even years, as unresolved issues. My brain, especially lately, spins at a near tornado pace. It keeps swirling around with more and more issues. Maybe I bare my soul to keep my sanity.

Maybe it frees my mind so that I can fill it up with new experiences, hopefully some of them positive. I never get tired of doing that.

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