The Evolution of RJsCorner

I am approaching 5,000 posts here on RJsCorner, how can that be! If I divide that many posts among this blog’s thirteen years of existence, that adds up to a little over 1 post/day. That’s a lot of blogging (over 3 Bibles worth of words) and you can find all of them if you care to do that. The thing about it is that I as a person have evolved considerably during those thirteen years.

I have gone through several stages of life, and since that is what I write about, you will see perhaps hundreds of different themes here. You will see some posts about things that I no longer believe. Don’t be surprised when you find them. Just chalk it off as maybe my “Lessons Learned”.

RJsCorner has been through several metamorphoses in its life, and another major one is in the works. It was thirteen-years ago today that I wrote my first blog post. The blog at that time was RedLetterLiving and was focused on the words of Jesus. It wouldn’t take but two posts before I was told what I was saying was “wrong”. After four years in that concentrated mode, I came to the realization that most Christian organizations had seriously strayed from the actual words of their founder. Instead, they had come to put almost all focus on what to believe and not what to do. I felt like Don Xicote jousting windmills.

From there I went to posting about InSearchOfAmerica where I wrote stories and posted many pictures of the historical sites I have visited across all fifty States. That one was fun, but the view count was pretty dismal. It seems that I was putting in a lot of work no one was interested in history anymore, or at least my version of it.

From there it went into politics. I posted about the extreme partisanship that has taken place in the U.S. this century. That one proved somewhat popular, but it dragged my view of life into the gutter. My world just became too dark for me. In the time between 2016 and 2020, the blog had gotten very morbid in its content. Here we are ending 2021 with the pandemic in its second year and partisanship hitting a hideous level, so I am pulling the trigger on another re-format. I will tell you more about on Tuesday.

I don’t know if there is another stage beyond where I am going now, but I kinda doubt it. So, this will likely be the last major metamorphosis here on RJsCorner. So, what you will soon see is likely what you will get from here out. I hope I can keep, and maybe even increase my sense of humor, as Will Rogers taught me in future posts. I have quite a library of his words that I can still learn lessons from. I hope that some of you guys stick around for this yet again reinvented version of RJsCorner.

3 thoughts on “The Evolution of RJsCorner

  1. You are to be congratulated on both the quantity and quality of your work over the past 13 years. Almost 5,000 posts is an amazing body of work.

    You have written about subjects that stimulate your reader to think through their own thoughts and feelings. You have entertained. And, you have touched a deep well of emotions in all of us with your series on your wife’s struggles and passing.

    My sincere best wishes for wherever you take this blog in the future. Keep writing, RJ. We all benefit from your efforts.



    1. Oh Bob, you are making me blush, but thanks for your kind words.

      Oh, btw my blog is now “below the fold” on your site. You have to click the “show all” button to see it. I have noticed a drop in clicks from your site as a result.


      1. That is a change Google blogger made I am afraid. The blogs are listed alphabetically, but I will see if there is a workaround.


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