The Agenda, It Is A-Changing … Again

Being a folk music nut, I couldn’t resist bringing in a Bob Dylan song for this post.

I know this is nothing earth-shaking to you, but I take the agenda here at RJsCorner quite seriously. It is the roadmap for the many words I put here. I’m sure, to you, it has about as much significance as the cartoon to the right. But since RJsCorner is a journal of my life, you have to attend this lecture. 🥴

This 2022 version of RJsCorner is to reflect my new outlook in life, and to in the process maybe make it more enticing to future readers. The loss of the love of my life forced me to re-evaluate what I want to do with my remaining years, and politics and the associated ugliness are just not part of that new view anymore.

The new agenda is patterned around my new lifestyle focus

The New RJsCorner

Coming December 7

Open Day Topics (Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun)

Having My Sayabout almost anything
Editor’s Letter general things about the blog
National & World EventsOnly a satellite view (and rarely used)
Adversity Build CharacterStories about overcoming obstacles
Streaming Nights Streaming TV & other entertainment stuff)
Life’s RulesLife’s Poster, my 10 pillars, words of Jesus
Wit & WisdomProving that life is a joke, or not
Technology/InnovationsJust about anything new
Leisure TimeFood, Hobbies, and other things I enjoy)
Celebrating CreativityWherever I find it
RedLetterLivingFollowing the teachings of Jesus (not the church)

Dedicated Weekly Topics

MondayLife On The MarginsDeaf, Autism, rouges, and many other such topics
WednesdayPursuit of HappinessUnderstanding our emotions on the path to happiness
FridayRetComLifeRetirement Community Life

One thing you should notice is that politics has lost it’s place on RJsCorner. It’s just too depressing. Wednesday is now dedicated to “The Pursuit of Happiness”. That should be an interesting series.

In the coming days I will talk about this new focus and specifically, what it means. I am very anxious to put a more positive spin on RJsCorner and my life in general, and to make this blog a little more fun to read, and my life a little more fun to live. More on all this later.

Thanks, if you stick around and, adios if you don’t 😎

2 thoughts on “The Agenda, It Is A-Changing … Again

  1. Thanks RJ just recently discovered your blog and I look forward to your daily musings … especially with some of your planned topics going forward


    1. Thanks Michelle and welcome to the new RJsCorner. I think I am going to like the new agenda very much. Out with the bad and in with the good. That makes for a more satisfying life, doesn’t it?


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