A Cultural Overhaul

RJsCorner is not known to shy away from controversial subjects, so with the post, I am “having my say” about the Critical Race Theory (CRT). Maybe we should call Critical Race Theory a cultural overhaul, since CRT seems to be so threatening to many of us. It kinda makes sense to do that anyway.

Let’s look at just what “Critical theory” in general really means. I won’t rehash the words above from Wikipedia, other than to say the critical theory focuses on reflective assessment of society and culture. What is so bad about that, that makes so many afraid of it?

I can only imagine what the everyday German went through in the aftermath of World War II. They had been dragged to the gutter by an insane narcissist. They never found the courage to cancel out that tyrant in his early stages. So, after he was defeated in WW II they had to come up with a way to salvage their culture and heritage. Part of that was to admit their failures in the previous two decades. They, somewhat successfully, did just that. Can America do the same?

In the last few decades we in America have gone through a similar, but maybe less extreme, cultural identity crisis. There are those among us who will no longer stay in the background. They, rightly so, insist that they have their place at the American table.

The old saying that “history is written by the victors” is very appropriate for much of American history. Of course, our country started out with a grievous stain of slavery at its birth. It took a hundred years before that was blotted out. It took another hundred years before we began to address the inequality that slavery spurned.

I can remember my first history book in high school where those topics were totally missing. For the most part, history at least to some extent has now been re-written about this period, but the inequality continues.

History is a very fluid thing. Yes, initially, the victors write how noble their cause was and how God was on their side in the conflict. But then time eventually has a more objective view, and history is re-written. I’m sure in the coming decades the 45th president will go down as the worst president in history, but that is not yet possible. There are too many who blindly follow him, just as they did Hitler eight decades ago.

2 thoughts on “A Cultural Overhaul

  1. It bogles me why this topic should even be controversial, but of course you’re right when you label it that. I used to wonder how the everyday German citizen had “let” what happened with the Jews among them happen. Then, in the last few years, I have been here in Texas, ostensibly “letting” children separated from their parents be warehoused in my state. I was not physically capable of ousting them and reuniting them with their parents, but I was doing all else I could think of doing. My ineffective voice was familiar to the office staff of our senators and my congressperson. My contributions went to organizations helping immigrant families or fighting against the literal incarceration of their children. My friends were doing the same things I was. It’s frightening because I see now how a society can be so split and how ineffective moral arguments might be, after all: how thin the ice upon which we skate is.


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