Resetting my Life Goals

“My wife’s death five months ago yesterday caused me to do some pretty serious soul-searching. It made me realize that I was just going-with-the-flow in too many areas of my life. I was aimlessly moving from one day to another without much purpose. When I found out how quickly things can change, I become more determined than ever to live the rest of my life with purpose. Much of what I do now will be aimed at a single goal.

I pledge the rest of my life to being an advocate for those who have had major adversity in life, particularly with deafness/hearing loss, autism, blindness and similar challenges. I pledge that I will do whatever I can to help them cope, and I will try to educate others to see them not as labels, but as people very much like themselves.

When I am talking about “them” above, I am also talking about myself. Due to my low self-esteem at a young age, I allowed others throughout my life to put labels on me. I was weird, I was deaf and “dumb”, I was a very strange autistic person. I have been wearing a mask for too long because I didn’t have the courage to fight these labels. I didn’t explain that label is NOT who I am.

I will no longer be content to just dream of this new approach to life, I must do what is necessary to implement it. Living up to this pledge will now be a top priority for me, but I will also try my best to find the true happiness that has eluded me thus far. I realize that happiness is primarily a state of mind, not a particular thing. I will do what is necessary to remove all those things that causes personal anguish and negative feelings from my life.

Simply stated, I want to die a happy person.

This is why RJsCorner is taking a significant turn in its content starting tomorrow. I hope you stick around to see the results of a more positive and assertive way forward.

2 thoughts on “Resetting my Life Goals

  1. What a positive, life-affirming stance to take, RJ. Your efforts will definitely improve the quality of life for so many. This is a pledge to build a life on.


    1. Thanks, Bob. Coming from you, that means a lot to me. I have started leading a workshop here at my retirement community on this very subject. It is just getting started, but I have high hopes, that it will grow over time to help people here. Like so many other times, one of the first things that you have to do is to admit that you struggle. Everything gets easier after that.

      Yeah, I think I can build my new and happy life around this task.


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