Streaming Nights – Ireland

Welcome to the first of hopefully many posts in the new Streaming Nights category. This new section is dedicated to showing you some of the streaming videos that I find particularly enticing.

The recommendation for today’s post is Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland. It is found on the AcornTV service. You might recognize Adrian as one of the stars of another British streaming show entitled Line of Duty. I will assuredly cover that one in a future post here. At this stage of my life I feel very drawn to British shows, they are more cerebral and less violent than their American counterparts.

The videos in these Ireland episodes are utterly breathtaking. I always imagined Ireland as the “emerald isle” of green pastures, one right after another, but I never imagined the coastline had such beauty and history…

3 thoughts on “Streaming Nights – Ireland

  1. Will have to check that out. We love Acorn and Britbox and for the very reasons you mention. I love the British police procedurals (Endeavour, Vera, etc.). They are suspenseful without having to blow something up every 15 minutes. 🙂


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