Should Have Been All Along…

Let’s finish off this year with some thoughts that are way above our pay grade.

The aging process should be reversed. We ought to start out wise and as we age we get dumber. That sure would save a lot of stress in life. Then, when we are ready to die we are too dumb to even realize it, so there is nothing to fret over.

They say that our creator is wise beyond anything imaginable. So, why didn’t he do it my way?

It takes us decades to even begin to figure out who we are. In our youth, we are too busy trying to be like everyone else, to realize who we should be.

As we get older, we lose track of who we want to be. We are too busy chasing other, less valuable things. It is only toward the end of our lives that we find out who we should have been long ago. It’s nice to finally come to that realization, but it is frustrating to learn it so late in life.

2 thoughts on “Should Have Been All Along…

  1. I agree with the idea that we can be too busy in midlife, forgetting who we are or want to be. Perhaps figuring out later, even if it’s too late for a re-do, is our reward?


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