For The First Time…

The realization came to me the other days that for the first time in my life I now have total control of what I do and how I choose to live my life. That is a very exciting thing, but scary at the same time. My life, like everyone else’s, started out with my parents telling me what to do. At the age of 9 it went down to one parent when my mother left for greener pastures. The school years were where my studies and education decided what my life was all about.

After college, it was about earning a living and doing the job I was paid to do. I could have made some different, more freeing, choices then, but that just never occurred to me. Then came the married years. In 1986, I vowed to “till death do us part” as part of my wedding vows. I am one who take vows seriously. There were times when that vow was stretched, but it was never broken.

So, back to the original thought.

2022 will be the first time that other commitments have not limited my choices.

I have many challenges ahead, but I also have many opportunities. I realize that I am in my 76th year and that this period of my life will be limited. You could say that this is the time I have dreamed of my entire life. But, circumstances may certainly get in the way of actions. Among other things, my health could take a plunge without much notice. In past times, that would be enough to somewhat stifle actions. I can’t let that possibility do that this time around.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

One of those dreams is to take a John Steinbeck type trip in my µRV. I have read his book Travels with Charlie more times than I can remember. It’s time I got that done before it becomes too late. Of course, the pandemic will put some obstacles in that path, but I am determined to make it happen in 2022, come hell, high water, or the pandemic. 🥴

4 thoughts on “For The First Time…

  1. What a tremendously freeing observation, RJ. Whatever path, adventure, and life-experiences lie ahead, you will choose.

    Absolutely, do the uRV trip. I was wondering if you still owned it. Now is the time!


    1. One of my planned trips for this Spring includes the Southwest, so I may just drop in on you for something other than a virtual visit. 😎 I would love to meet you and Betty.


  2. I was thinking the other day of all the times I longed to have an entire day just to read. Now that I do, it’s hard not to overcome the habit of assigning myself tasks each day. Who am I kidding: each hour. It’s such a seemingly small goal, but it’s my goal to give myself whole days to read. Happy trails to you!


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