We All Need Something To Laugh About

These last few years have been a struggle for all of us. There was the lying idiot narcissist who occupied the Oval Office. That made those four years almost intolerable, and then came the virus which we were totally unprepared for. Then for me 2021 was consumed with the death and dying of my wife. The trauma of that nearly consumed me. Now that this end-of-life stuff is finally behind me, I have been desperately seeking something to bring a smile to my face.

Part of the end-of-life trauma was that I sold my one-hundred year old homestead in a beautiful but very rural area and moved to a retirement community in a college town with all the conveniences of a large city. One of those conveniences I most desperately sought for a number of years was a fast Internet connection. I moved from 4 megabits per second speed in the country to 600 in my new apartment! That allowed me to be fully engaged with streaming video.

Finally getting to the point of this post, I have discovered a TV series that ran from 2001 to 2009 that I didn’t know existed. I think there are over 300 episodes of just what I need. The series is called “Scrubs”. It is kinda slap-stick silly, but every episode makes me laugh. I forget about all the worries in life during each half hour episode.

Streaming TV is proving to be very relaxing indeed. American TV is almost all violence and killing. For example, I used to count all the people killed on the NCIS LA show each episode and the count usually exceed 20 or more. Those shows, which are just about all there is on network channels have driven me to mostly the British genre. With full streaming now available to me, I watch shows from around the world. The differences are dramatic. I don’t know whether American TV is a chicken/egg thing that mirrors us or makes us more violent and pessimistic as a society.

I’m glad I never watched “Scrubs” when it was originally on, as now I have 9 years of episodes when I really need them. Thank heavens I am finding what I could not find much of in my country life.

4 thoughts on “We All Need Something To Laugh About

  1. Interesting observation re: American TV and violence. Chicken or egg indeed. We have watched some of Yellowstone, and the best comment I saw online re: that show was this: I’m no agricultural expert, but I have to believe you can run a cattle ranch without killing someone every week. I don’t like shows like NCIS or CSI or whatever they are called. The violence is really offputting. It’s why we turned to British TV, too.


  2. What I like about British or Norwegian, Icelandic, etc. shows is that not all the characters have to beautiful people so slicked up they shine. The pacing is often slower, but that’s a good thing if it’s done well.


    1. I agree with you totally on your observations, Linda. Another thing is that it isn’t as easy to find out “who done it” with those shows. In American shows I always look for the middle-level actor in the background and he/she almost aways is the culprit.


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