Challenging vs Threatening?

Some people think the two words in the title above are the same thing. My wife was one of them, and of course, I was the opposite. It wasn’t until the end of her life that I found just how serious her anxiety was. She never allowed me a view of that before her last week on earth. I knew she always got physically sick the day before almost every vacation. I realize now that that was an indication of her anxiety. Everything that presented a challenge was a threat to her. I wonder how many others around today see the world the same way?

I kinda think that much of the problems we have today is of that venue. There are just so many people who are now demanding their seat at the table that they see it as almost overwhelmingly threatening to their existence. I will admit that it is surprising just how many people are now speaking up instead of going along. Of course, I am one of them, but I hope I do in it in a nonthreatening way.

I don’t know what it will take to convince these folks that there is more than enough room at the table to welcome everyone. In fact, the more people at the table, the more enjoyable life will be for all of us.

As I was thinking about all this stuff, it struck me that for the most part my scifi shows such as Star Trek Discovery have crews that are fully integrated galactic presence. I haven’t done a headcount, but I’m pretty certain that there are as many female leaders as male and there seems to be no thought that even those who are not human as we see it, are among the leadership.

Will we eventually become that type of world? Only time will tell…

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