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I have been a regular user of the Firefox web browser for a few years now, but I recently tried Microsoft’s new browser tagged as “Edge”. It finally won me over. I am an Apple guy to my core and Microsoft is considered the enemy to many Apple users, so this was not an easy transition for me. 🥸

I made this switch for several reasons:

  • Edge has a version that is tailored to the new Apple M1-Max chip — The browser seems much more responsive than Firefox now. Now that I have a fast fiber optic router, response is more desirable.
  • Edge has a cleaner/crisper look
  • Edge does a better job of not allowing videos to automatically stream. — All those videos constantly playing around what I am trying to read are ANNOYING!
  • Edge is more customizable
  • Microsoft isn’t trying to sell me anything, so adding advertiser cookies is not important to them.
  • I kinda like the Edge home screen. It gives me, up front, the things I want to see each morning.

I have been trying this new browser for a couple of weeks now, and I am impressed! It does what I want, at the speed I now demand, and it is downright attractive if you ask me.

I will let you know a little secret, that is, if you don’t tell anyone else. 🥸 I have pretty much moved back to many Microsoft apps in recent months. In fact, I now have a yearly subscription to MS Office and use it daily. The Apple equivalents just don’t hack it for me. Once you learn Office, it is hands down superior to most of its competitors, Apple included, at least as apps go. Is it possible to be a Microsoft and an Apple enthusiast at the same time? I am a pragmatist, so I kinda think it is.

Even if you own a Mac like me, you might want to take Edge for a spin…

2 thoughts on “Just Browsing Around…

  1. Thanks for the information on Edge. I really haven’t given it much of a chance yet. I’m an iPhone person and a MS Windows person on the computer. Some of the genetic genealogy programs I run don’t play nicely with the Apple operating systems. My built-for-me desktop frizzled out the other day, and I had to again make the Apple vs. MS decision since I don’t want to use some kind of a MS overlay on an Apple system, but I decided again to go with the MS direction. As it turns out, the power system had burned up a lot of components but not my solid-state drive, so my local shop was able to rebuild and get me running again the same day. My interest in genetic genealogy came about because a granddaughter was born with a metabolic disorder that her geneticists haven’t been able to pin down yet because she tests as if having one genetic disorder and her development in infancy was in concord with it, but the geneticists said teen patients with that disorder do not walk into her office and smile and start chatting as she does. Ever. Also, she lost her hearing by a year, and it was feared she would also lose her vision. I was looking for ancestral families that might show deaf family members or many children dying young, as she surely would have done without quick access to her team at a children’s hospital. I haven’t found that yet in our family history, but I have managed to hook myself on genetic genealogy in the process. So, I’ll be staying with MS for a while on my computer while loving my Apple phone that connects so smoothly to my hearing aids.


    1. Thanks again for your thoughts, Linda. I can understand your desire to stay with a PC rather than a Mac. Yes there are some popular apps that don’t bother to write code for a Mac. I have run across some of them. Like I mentioned, the Office software works quite well on my Mac and it is significantly better than what Apple provides. So, I gracefully accept that I am both a Mac and a MS lover.

      My wife refused to give up her Windows based machine as it had more of her card/board games than a Mac, and she literally lived with her games. When her Windows 10 software was finally archived and unsupported by MS I told her she would no longer be connected to the Internet due to security reasons, she almost wept.

      Mac only have about 15% of the market share. They say Macs are for creative people and PC are for corporates.


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