Finding Your Kindred Spirit

I’m just not a “manly” man. I’m not afraid to say that. It doesn’t hurt my ego at all. In fact, I am quite proud that I have many feminine characteristics. One of those is that I love the “Anne of Green Gables” TV shows. There have been many of them lately, it seems. I enjoy just how uninhibited Anne is. She doesn’t worry about what others think of her. She refuses to wear a mask of conformity. But, maybe the most endearing thing about Anne is that she is always on the search of kindred spirits.

Let’s stop here and see what the Oxford American Dictionary says about kindred spirits. I don’t think Anne is looking for a generic kindred spirit, but instead someone who sees the world as she does. Someone she can relate to at a basic level. Her naivete and directness drives off many people.

Having Aspie traits, I seem to have been in the search of my kindred spirits all my life. I don’t think I have ever really found one. In fact, the very idea seems impossible to me. But, that doesn’t keep me from continuing to look for one. I think I have found some “virtual kindred spirits” here on RJsCorner, and that makes me happy. I think you know who you are, so I won’t even try to name names. 😁

I ran across an article the other day espousing five things to help you find a kindred spirit.

  • Believe that everyone longs to be known. You are not the only lonely person, you are the only person who has the opportunity to touch the heart of the person you are with right here, right now.
  • Stop making fun of people – cold turkey. People don’t want to be real with you if they think you’ll make fun of them later
  • Refuse to gossip. If you are someone who is comfortable with gossip, you are someone with whom others will not feel safe sharing their hearts.
  • Tell the truth. Don’t say what you think other people want to hear, say what you really think or feel. You don’t have to be mean, but you can be honest. You can be real without bearing all. Tell what is true about how you feel without over-sharing the details.
  • Borrow Bravery. It’s hard to muster the courage to ask others about themselves, so borrow your bravery by reading, listening to or watching real stories, bravely told by real people.

Click here if you want to see the entire article.

Sounds like some pretty good advice to me. I’m pretty good at some of them, but others, not so much. Like so many other things, these are lessons I need to learn

Never Stop Learning

That’s one of my Life Lessons

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