Roasted Asparagus

Welcome to the first post in the new “Happy Hodgepodge” category here on RJsCorner. It’s about things that just don’t fit anywhere else, but makes me happy for one reason or another.

Welcome Aboard the Happy Hodgepodge

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I really enjoy a rare piece of beef, but other times I love my veggies. This is one of those recipes that I just don’t make enough.

I prefer Asiago cheese, and I often substitute some variety of squash instead of peppers. Now that I am cooking for one, I usually halve the ingredients, and even that lasts for a couple of meals. We just got a new chef in our retirement community. I wonder if he is open to things like this? I’ll give it a try sometime soon.

I have been looking into maybe using an air fryer for this type thing. I am on the fence, so would welcome any thoughts you have on this idea?

2 thoughts on “Roasted Asparagus

  1. I use my air fryer often, but only for veggies that I want to have a true crisp or crunch, such as the roasted chickpeas I like for a snack. A search turns up lots of recipes for asparagus in an air fryer, though. Perhaps we both ought to try it.


  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Linda. Maybe I will splurge for an air fryer for my February “tools” purchase. I only buy one tool a month. When I had the 2.5 acre homestead with its 1500 SF barn, it was usually sanders, drills, and such. Now it seems to be kitchen appliances.


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