RetComLife #25 – LOCKDOWN!!

We are in almost total lockdown at my retirement community now. The dining room is shut down, and they have even stopped chauffeuring people to the local college basketball games. That was the one exemption that was left after last week’s notification. Don’t ask me the logic of that, but I am glad to see that it is now included with all the rest of the outside excursions’ that they no longer provide transportation for. Everything except doctor’s appointments are now excluded.

From the latest notice from our executive director, it seems that COVID is invading our facilities, mainly from people going shopping and such, and then bringing it into our retirement community.

Carry-outs are the only option for our meals now. They are done in a cafeteria style to be taken back to our apartments. For me, that is a definite improvement from the sit-down style that was practically the only option until this shutdown. I hope this new option continues after this lockdown this lifted.

The sit-down dining style that was about the only option before the shutdown gave me significant problems:

  • I am just not comfortable in crowded areas, and our dining rooms are usually crowded areas, especially during the last week of every month when everyone tries to use up their monthly stipends.
  • I don’t like having to spend 2-3 hours every day just to eat. That is a waste of my time, and time is a precious commodity to me now. When you can finally find a place to sit in the dining room, you wait 10 -15 minutes for someone to take your order. Then it is another 20 minutes until the meal is served. Finally, another 20 minutes to eat.
  • Eating in a sit-down restaurant style is nice a couple of times a week. It gives me a chance to casually get to know some of my fellow residents. But I don’t like to be required to do it three times a day!

Please keep the cafe open as an alternate dining option to sit-down service

The news is proclaiming that Omicron has now peaked and will likely recede as quickly as it appeared. That, hopefully, will mean that some form of normal may be back by mid-February. That is, if another mutation does not appear by then.

I just pray that the pandemic mentality is not the new “normal” for the rest of my life. I had other plans. 😥

Now onto a bit of ranting.

I see from the latest data that over 90% of the current hospitalization are unvaccinated! There are local reports of physical abuse to nurses by those unvaccinated patients. One pregnant nurse was kicked in the abdomen by a patient because he couldn’t get a sports channel on his hospital room TV. Nurses are saying they have had enough, and are leaving in droves. Burnout is rampant, and it doesn’t have to be… 😖

2 thoughts on “RetComLife #25 – LOCKDOWN!!

  1. Wow…I didn’t realize you had to eat in a sit down restaurant three times per day. Much more efficient to do carry out, although it would be nice to have a choice. For your sake, I hope Omicron gets behind us soon. My mom has had her meals delivered to her door since spring of 2020 and they never have gone back to the dining room option yet. It’s efficient during a pandemic, but it definitely makes her feel much more isolated. And now it’s winter in the north country, so she can’t really get out much. Spring can’t come soon enough.


    1. The assisted living wing presently gets its food delivered, but the only other option for us in independent living before the current shutdown was a carryout. But since someone complained to the health department that their food was cold when they picked it up, you had to order your food, and sit in a side area by the dining room to have it brought to you. That cuts down the time to 30 minutes or so but still way too long.

      Since I live in the independent section, I have a full kitchen, so about 75% of my meals I shop and cook for myself. With the new chef here, I hope to cut way back on that but still don’t want to use the sit-down very often, so I hope they keep the current cafeteria style as a continuing option.

      I can imagine being confined to my apartment for two years, like your mom. I’d go batty, that is for sure. I still have a car and eat out every once in a while and do my own groceries. I’m sure she feels very isolated! I live in southern Indiana, so we get our share of the cold weather, but not a lot of snow. But, it does prevent me from my 2-mile daily walks. I miss them and also can’t wait for Spring.


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