I Was Wrong…

I don’t mind admitting when I am wrong about something. Many times I jump the gun. The website Medium.com was one of those times.

On a previous post, I recommended The Medium as a source for unbiased news, but after using it for a few months now, I have to rescind that recommendation for a couple of reasons:

  • I have found that its algorithm for what you are presented with is too dependent on what you have read. For a few weeks, I did some serious study on autism there, and now 95% of what it gives me is about that topic. And, I can’t really figure out how to change that.
  • I am not convinced that there is any second sourcing of the information provided. That is, it seems almost anyone can put information on this site without any serious fact-checking.
  • It is really not much different from Twitter, but without the word limit.

Needless to say, I just don’t think this is a reliable source for a rounded view of topics so critical to today. I will continue to use it but not for that purpose. Don’t get me wrong here, The Medium is a good source if you are diving deep into a particular topic. Most of the articles there are written by people like me, who have a casual interest in a particular topic, and want to let others know their point of view. It is just not adequate as a well-rounded view of the world.

Tomorrow I will be showing you another site that I am now using to get about 90% of my daily info about what is happening today. I finally found a source that doesn’t have all those very annoying ads and constantly moving videos.

One thought on “I Was Wrong…

  1. I tried Medium for a while because a favorite writer was on that platform. But I had the same experience as you did re: the algorithm only showing me the topics I had already read. It quickly became kinda boring and I don’t go there often now.


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