Taking A Different Path…

I have decided that starting today, I am pausing my scheduled weekly posts and just writing about what I am feeling each day. That is, I will be treating RJsCorner as what its title says as a daily journal of “Having My Say”. I will put away much of the reference material I have collected for informative stories and just write from my gut. I don’t have an agenda for this stuff, so I have no idea how it will go. I think that uncertainty will make for some interesting stories coming from my Aspie mind.

Freestyling, especially in what I write, doesn’t come naturally for me. I don’t do anything without it first being on a list. The reason for this unstructured time came from an epiphany about my 2022 New Year’s resolutions which after two months are on the proverbial trash heap. Those resolutions were about focusing on where I can have an impact on the world, but I have come to the conclusion that that was more than I can handle in my life now. Much of the world just seems to be spinning out of control and I prefer not to spend what is left of my life in that mode. I just need some unhinged, unplanned time to think about all the other, more important stuff.

I hope to nudge RJsCorner more toward its primal roots of “having my say” on a day-to-day basis. Associated with this change, I designed yet another header for RJsCorner. I think this one is simpler and expresses the focus on my different path. But, maybe it is just because I enjoy doing this sort of design stuff. 😎

I think narrowing “my view of the world” by living day-to-day is where I need to be right now. I need to put aside all the grandiose dreams and live with off-the-cuff daily journal entries at least for now. I have many more life experiences to talk about than I likely have days to do it, so why not?

It’s my blog, so I can do what I want to. 😁

2 thoughts on “Taking A Different Path…

  1. Blog the way that feels most comfortable for you. I’ve seen too many excellent blogger fall by the wayside through blogging fatigue. From this bog reader’s point of view any blog is better than no blog


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Barry. I have been at this for 14 years now, so I hope I am past blogging fatigue. I am just one who welcomes change, even if I have to create it myself. 😎 I know my “straight from the gut” type posts are just who I am, so its time I got back to that.

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