Another Sign Of Spring

When I left my very forested homestead last year, I thought I was giving up the pleasure of seeing my feathered friends. Well, not quite. I have a couple of trees outside my second-floor patio doors. This picture was taken a week or so ago.

I was wondering if some birds would ever come to get the crab apples, or whatever they are, left from last year. There has pleasantly been a steady parade of these guys throughout the day. Spring can’t be far away now…

2 thoughts on “Another Sign Of Spring

  1. Glad you are getting to enjoy these signs of Spring and Nature’s wonder.
    We have a small orange tree in our tiny yard in the 55+ community in Florida, where we spend some winter months. The tree has an ‘ugly’ dead branch that I wanted hubs to cut off, to make the tree look better, until I realized the birds like to perch there and they are easy to see, when the sit on that particular branch. So now I view that branch in a different way. 😊


    1. We got above 70 degrees for the first time this year here. I walked 2.5 miles outside to celebrate. 🤪

      We had an very old apple tree on the back property line that I almost cut down when we moved there in 2000. Thank goodness I didn’t as that was THE major perch for all the birds waiting for the feeder congestion to disperse. I have hundreds of pictures of it for memories.


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