Looking For The Greater Meaning… Perhaps There Is None

I am approaching the end years of my life, and as a result, I am yet again contemplating “why I am here?”. I have always been concerned that maybe all I am doing is sucking air. I know I have done some notable things, but I still get the feeling that there is “something” out there that I am still supposed to do.

I think my most treasured years were those eleven years I spent volunteering in the homeless shelter soup kitchen. I made some serious friends there, one in particular. That meant a lot to me. I have been told that I am “brave” to have dealt so many things in my life. I don’t feel very brave. I hope that I have helped a few others on their life path, maybe even as many as has helped me. That’s called “paying it forward”.

Perhaps my contributions are done now, but I won’t stop looking for things yet to be accomplished, and neither should you.

I just don’t want my tombstone to read

He sucked a LOT of air

But, if it does, since I leave no heirs, I doubt anyone will ever read it. 😎

2 thoughts on “Looking For The Greater Meaning… Perhaps There Is None

  1. I would suggest that eleven years spent volunteering in such a needed capacity means you will have left the world a better place. Treating people respectfully, as I imagine you did, might have helped them even more than the food. Sometimes we don’t know the difference we’ve made in others’ lives. I’ve tried to reach out to the people who have said or done something one time that they might not even remember saying or doing, yet that something had ramifications throughout my life. You’ve gone on reaching out in many other ways. But, this process is one we’re meant to go through, I believe, as painful as it might be.


    1. Thanks, Linda, for reminding me to look back with pride of where I have been. One of the friends I made at the soup kitchen has become a lifelong friend. He checks in on me at least monthly, and we go out to lunch regularly. He says I saved his life and me and those times of “mandated community service” were a Godsend. That alone has made my life worth the air I sucked.

      As you say treating people with respect is what I, and everyone should do. For some reason, it is just part of my nature. Always say “Hi” to people who others look over. My life has had great meaning. Thank you for helping me understand that.


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