Rewriting History…

I am a history nut. I have read many more books on the subject than even I can remember. My main interest is U.S. history, but other countries have also been in my purview.

From experience, I have learned that there is never just one version of history. I know that the term “history is written by the victors” has serious meaning, and in some way is accurate. “Initial” history may be written by those who dominated, but eventually other versions of history come to the surface. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It is just finishing what the other history initially provided. It’s telling history from another viewpoint.

Instead of the glorious term “Manifest Destiny” history, the rewritten history tells us about the genocide of the Native Americans who were here before us. It tells the story about how they were rounded up and force marched to the most uninhabitable part of the country. History now includes the story of “The Trail of Tears”.

Rewritten history gives a more complete picture of President Andrew Jackson. It shows him to have been an avid racist who didn’t think African or Native Americans were human beings. He proudly called himself and Indian killer.

Rewriting history is one of the best things about democracies, at least when they are properly functioning. In places like China and Russia, those stories are seldom told. You are only told what those who are in power want you to hear. Rewriting history forces us to be constantly looking to be our better selves.

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