How Long Should It Take To Grieve?

I read an article in the New York Times last week with the title above. I have let it be known here on RJsCorner that I don’t think they really thought out putting Asperger’s Syndrome into the Autism Spectrum. To me, that attached everything bad and nothing good. But, it was easier, at least for the deciders. I think the same thing goes here with them deciding how long the grieving process should take. Making that declaration will produce nothing good except maybe to the drug companies.

Let me give you their answer.

New York Times

The new diagnosis, prolonged grief disorder, was designed to apply to a narrow slice of the population who are incapacitated, pining and ruminating a year after a loss, and unable to return to previous activities.

I can pretty much imagine what the drug company big wigs are thinking to themselves that this will prove to be a growth market for new products that we can they use to promote their psychiatric drugs.

Can’t get over the loss of a loved one, we can help with that

So, “Prolong Grief Disorder” is what they came up with. Extended grieving is now a mental disorder. As one of the people who was interviewed for the article said, making the grief process a mental disorder is an incredibly dangerous move and short-sighted.

I have been in the grieving process for over eight months now, so I better get over it soon, or I will have two “disorder” labels attached to my name. I am a grieving Aspie! That just won’t do. Something has to be done! They will say that I need some drugs to make me “normal”.


Apply any of the definitions as you see fit.

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