Is It Even Possible??

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, want to explore what I want to get from the upcoming extended roadtrip. Two things come immediately to mind. The first is, “Are extended roadtrips even possible for me at this time in my life?” The second thing I hope to get from the trip is to get out of my comfort zone. That is to challenge some of my preconceived thoughts about some topics.

Over the past seven years I have taken my old 1992 Chevy pickup with a cap on the back and turned it into a camper. I always called this my boat in the basement project. I never expected to really get out, to any degree, and use it. It was primarily done because I love to tinker. The many hours I spent by myself in the barn were enjoyable. The inside of the 40 SqFt cabin was built and re-built three times before I considered it done. Almost everything in the engine compartment has been replaced except the block itself.

I originally bought the truck in 1992 for $13,000 and used it for a daily driver for eight years and then another six years as a delivery truck for my custom furniture making business. This re-purposing into a camper started about 2011. I have now spent more than the price of the new truck in making it a roadworthy extended roadtrip vehicle. Now that it is for the most part done, I dare to ask “Can I really do extended roadtrips at my age?” This trip coming in less than three weeks will help me answer that question. If the answer is “yes”, then I have several others in the back of my mind. If the answer is “no” that’s OK. I had a lot of fun just building and using it just the same.

Now, on to the second thing. I have always considered myself to be a pretty open-minded person who is constantly asking questions about myself and how I see the world. But, I realize that there are some topics that I am more close-minded about. I will talk about those more as this trip goes along. I intend to actively seek out things that have made me uncomfortable for much of my life. That doesn’t sound very enjoyable, but I think I will enjoy getting the answers.

The last thing on my “purpose of the trip question” is to just have fun and appreciate each day as it comes. This will be in interesting trip for my, no matter how it turns out. 😎

2 thoughts on “Is It Even Possible??

  1. Sounds like a great trip RJ! and so cool you still own that particular truck. Every trip I’ve taken whether it be by car, motorcycle, plane or train. I have learned something about myself and my place in the world. Things always come up on the road that challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone and you learn to be flexible. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Russ. When I bought the truck in 1992 I had this in mind. It’s amazing that it is actually happening. I have traveled through all 50 states but never had this kind of freewheeling adventure. Let’s hope that I can manage it. If not I have enough sense to know when to call it quits. At least I think I do 😎


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