Roadtripping, The How-To’s

A few posts ago I tried to convince you to do a roadtrip instead of getting on an airplane. I will soon be going on a roadtrip that is sixty years in the making, so I decided to refresh my knowledge on this subject. To me, preparation is the road to success.

This post will give us some of the “how-to’s” of having a successful roadtrip. Many of these ideas came from a book by Jonathan Simos entitled “How To Road Trip America”. For this post which will be in 500 words or less, I will try to summarize a hundred pages of his book. I encourage you to get a copy if you are really interested in the details of roadtripping.

  1. Always take a break every two hours or so to give your legs a stretch. – I, at least in my younger years, was a guy to drove for hours as time. But, after I was married my wife insisted on frequent breaks. Now that I am a senior I plan on seriously keeping this rule.
  2. Don’t drive over eight hours or 500 miles at a time. – This is important to making a safe trip.
  3. When you want to turn around, turn around. – I don’t know how many times I have seen an interesting possibility for stopping just as I was passing. I gotta get it in my brain that it’s ok to turn around.
  4. Notice everything about the area you are in – immerse yourself in where you are. Roadtripping is meant to broaden your horizons and expand your understanding.
  5. When you stop to stretch your legs, also spend some time on what is up ahead – I’m talking about the Internet, of course. A good way to do that is to google “Tourism near me”.
  6. Don’t be afraid to take an exit just to check out something – Remember that is what it’s all about. Take the time to explore a road sign of a local interest. Or maybe just search for a small-town place to have lunch or check out a historic site.
  7. When you get the chance, roadtrip by yourself – That is what I will soon be doing, in spades. I have done a lot of solo-roadtripping, but never to the level of this trip. I can tell you that going by yourself is a chance to relax, to think deeply and broadly, and to even sing out load while driving, as there is no one to be bothered by your off-key melodies. 🤪 You will not only get to know yourself more deeply, you will be able to do things outside your comfort zone without having to convince a companion.
  8. Especially when you solo-roadtrip, remember the Break Rule – This will keep you safe. Don’t overlook this. In fact, I am going to set a two-hour alarm on y Apple Watch to remind me to do this.

Next time I will be giving you suggestions on planning your adventure, without over-planning it. 🥴 (500 words. I made it.)

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