On-The-Road #1 -2 Getting To Florida

Boondocking with all my trucking buddies

Here it is 6:00am on day 4, and I am sitting in my first hotel room after boondocking at Walmart locations for the first two nights. Those two days were primarily travel days and nothing much to report except about 700+ miles of roads driven. About half the time was Interstate and the other State highways.

About the only observation about Kentucky and Tennessee is about all the Baptist churches I ran across. It seems that there must be about one Baptist church for every 30 residents and every one of them proclaims they are the “Truth” one. It’s really interesting to see all the names they call themselves by.

I often forget that for the most part every region of the country is pretty much the same now. Every medium size town has the same stores. Of course Walmart is one of them along with Kohl’s, Lowes, and on and on. I didn’t intend to do much exploring during these days until I got to my first official destination, which is where I am now, and that is The Villages, Florida. I will have more to say about that on my next post. I spent much of the day yesterday exploring this the world’s largest retirement community.

7 thoughts on “On-The-Road #1 -2 Getting To Florida

  1. Oooh. I am interested in your view of The Villages. Do you follow The Village Newcomers on YouTube? They are from Indiana and quite entertaining.
    I live in an area with LOTS of churches. Many are Christian Reformed (large Dutch population here). I used to walk on my lunch hours in a nearby small town. Each block had its own church…First Reformed, Second Reformed, Third Reformed, etc. It was amusing to me. I figured they were all offshoots based on disagreements, since none of them were all that large with a couple exceptions.


    1. I will be doing the Villages post soon. I was mainly interested in an apartment there and what I found was enticing.

      I kinda get the idea that if God really wanted us to know something, He would do it himself and not require us to pick and choose what we want.


  2. I’m so glad to read a new post. I wasn’t sure if you had begun your trip or were still dealing with the after-effects of your brief illness.

    In my genealogy studies, I have found whole lineages of preachers among my ancestors. Multiple sets of ancestors were instrumental in forming new churches, with a second great-grandmother and great grandparents being founders of church in Mississippi rumored in newspapers of the times to be snake-handlers. Since my grandmother talked about having attended church services with snake-handlers and talking in tongues, I rather think the newspaper reports were are true. As a young child, I met my great-grandparents once and met her siblings multiple times during my childhood, and it’s hard to believe it’s true, even though evidence leans that way. That’s the most extreme of an extensive list of ancestors who were preachers and church-founders who might break away from a previous church because of differences in their attitude toward establishing missions or similar circumstances. An aunt was kicked out of a primitive Baptist church for not attending often enough. I’ve decided that my family’s branch of religious believers were quite contentious about their beliefs! It wasn’t all light and love, for sure.


    1. Hi Linda, yeah I got off on Wednesday. I am not completely back from Covid, but it is getting better everyday now. You relate so many stories that I have parallels for. It is interesting to see that the idea of hell was not fabricated until about 400 years after Christ left this earth. So much has been piled onto Jesus’ words by far too many people who are trying to have their say, but say it is in the name of Jesus.


  3. The Villages…interesting. As the place where residents regularly hold golf cart parades supporting our 45th president, I will be interested in your reactions.

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    1. Hi Bob, The Villages is an interesting place and as you say Trump is revered there. That is one of the big negatives, but there are also some positives which I will talk about soon. btw. they aren’t called golf carts, they are called golf cars. 😎


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