On-The-Road Post #11 – I’m Back…

My On-The-Road experiences were valuable lessons learned. It may seem strange that I chose this picture to represent the trip! I will explain that further in a future post.

I got back yesterday from my 6,000-mile trek across the southern half of the U.S. It was an enjoyable and informative 3+ weeks. As reported in my last post, the final milestone for this trip was to visit a long time blogging buddy. By that time, this 75-year-old body was getting pretty weary and longed for home. I decided to skip re-visits to Mesa Verde and Denver but still intended to spend a few days in Oklahoma City, but the weather had something to say about that. When I got into the city I found a strong storm was gathering on the horizon. It said that golf ball size hail was a strong possibility! While it would have been interesting to experience that, I just didn’t want to see all the dings it would make on my µRV that I spent seven “labor of love” years completing.

It took three days to get the thousand miles from Phoenix to Oklahoma City. I was now out of the mountains. I loved them but my thirty-year-old truck was glad to see them in the rearview mirror instead of the front windshield. With the forecast above, I made the decision to make a dash for home. I have a lot of “lessons learned” and “sites to see” posts coming in the next few weeks, but I will state here that I am in the “Dorothy” attitude about this trip. I am talking about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, when after all her experiences in Oz, she proclaimed

There is no place like home

She clicked her heels and was transported back to her Kansas home. I didn’t have a pair of speckled red high-heeled shoes, so I couldn’t do that, but I could get into a serious driving mode. 😎 And I did just that. It took me about a day and a half to get the 750 miles to home. When I started this trip I intended to post every day, but that proved to be almost impossible for me. My daily routine that allows me to post daily here was turned on its head. So, to tell you more of the story of my 3+ week adventure I will be putting out “On-The-Road Epilogues”. They will not be in chronological order, but instead, based on subject.

For those who are wandering, my 30-year-old camper did just fine. It sometimes struggled to get through some mountain road. It is amazing that it went almost 6,000 miles and didn’t even use a quart of oil. The gas mileage was not great, and with gas over $4 a gallon, I spent over $1200 in gas alone. But, it was worth every penny. I learned a lot about myself, and I think that will be obvious to you if you stick around for the Epilogue posts.

2 thoughts on “On-The-Road Post #11 – I’m Back…

  1. Betty and I are so glad to know you are safe and home. Finally meeting you and breaking bread together (literally) was a memorable time.

    Knowing where you are happiest made the long trip absolutely worth the cost, time, and tiredness. The fact that your mini RV and truck performed so well must be very satisfying. I know how important that project was to you.

    Welcome home, my virtual and now, personal, friend.


    1. It is good to be home. I didn’t think I would last a month, but I did come pretty close. Yes, I did learn quite a bit about what I want for the rest of my life, and maybe more importantly, what I don’t want.

      My post draft queue exceeds 20 posts now. So, I have a lot to talk about and decide. I am looking forward to seeing the posts about Betty’s art work around your house. I wish I had taken more pictures of it when I was there, but I’m sure you will include that with your new posts.


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