Everybody’s Got A Story…

How about a “Words of Wisdom” post today at RJsCorner.

No two people have the same life story. Yeah, some people’s stories rhyme, but the details are often quite different. Since deaf Aspies are one in three million or so, I suspect my story is more unique than most. I tell my story here as a way of clearing my mind. Dozens of things pop through my mind at the same time, but it seems if I just write some down they move to the background. That is why I claim that RJsCorner is a personal blog of sorts, that I share with the world.

From the comments here, I have come to see glimpses of your stories as well. I don’t think there is a person out there who doesn’t, at least sometimes, struggle with their happiness, and their life’s circumstances. Many of us likely struggle daily. My life seems to be filled with those constant struggles. I look at my life and imagine that it could have been better if only I made the “right” decisions. Of course, looking back it is always easier to see what could have been. That’s called “Monday morning quarter-backing”.

I have come to the conclusion that looking back is sometimes more destructive than it is positive. Yes, we need to look back to learn from our mistakes and to repeat our successes, but woulda, coulda, shoulda, thinking often times gets in the way and stifles future decisions. We must come to realize that the past is our reality, and the future is our possibilities, but the present is where we live and where decisions should be made. We need to concentrate more on the present.

I kinda think that my personal struggle with finding happiness is that I don’t spend enough time in the present. Instead, I fixate on my past mistakes, or overthink future possibilities. Instead of thinking five years down the road, I should be thinking about how to make each day as it comes a “happy day”. Yes, the epiphanies happen occasionally but not enough to make a happy life.

Plainly speaking, my happiness should not depend on a future event, but on what I decide to do with today.

I hope this thought sticks with me. I need to write it down and look at it each day. If I do that, I believe that I will have a happier life moving forward.

We all have our own stories. It is up to each of us to make them what we want them to be. That is done daily, not by overthinking the future, or fixating on the past.

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