On-The-Road Epilogue # 5 – Gulf Coast Art…

It’s about time I finish up my On-The-Road epilogue posts, so I am going to do that over the next four days.

Generally when I travel, museums are my main stops. I just think they provide a good history of the area I visit. The Gulf Coast States are no exception. I visited several museums in this trip and will highlight two of them here and another one on my next post.

Acadiana Center For The Arts – Lafayette LA

This museum is located in the very picturesque town of Lafayette Louisiana. At the time of my visit the main gallery was a “heterochronic collages of Eugene James Martin”. I have a booklet, as shown to the right about him, but I am just beginning to study it. The booklet, like his work is very esoteric. It will take some time to understand this very complicated African American for who he really is. I’m not sure what “heterochronic” means, but I do know that the artist is a very unique person.

Martin’s works fit right in with my new infatuation with Avant Garde paintings. Here are some examples of his work with captions to show what I might see from them. I give them to you in a gallery format. Just click on any image to see a larger slideshow format.

HIlliard Art Museum – University of Louisiana

The Hilliard Art Museum, also in Lafayette LA is similar but still very different from the museum above. It is a collection of visiting artists to the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, who have over the years mentored students as they created these print editions.

Click on any image in the gallery to see a larger slideshow view of the works.

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