On-The-Road Epilogue # 8 – Wrapping It Up…

Zach Lucero via Unsplash

This is my last post on my recent 6,000-mile trip through the South and Southwest. The lessons learned from that trip will last me a lifetime, or at least what I have left of it. I am ready to declare what I discovered, and maybe more importantly, act upon those discoveries.

Let’s start with a high-level look back on the trip:

  • This trip fulfilled one of my final bucket list items – I really did want to move my seven-year project of turning my old delivery truck into a micro-RV. I have frequently said that it was my “boat in the basement” project, in that I didn’t think I would really use it that much. I am proud of the fact the µRV had it in him to go the distance. I, personally, call him Merv. Yeah, I know objects like this are supposed to have feminine names, but, as usual, I am different. I can now proudly say that he was definitely not my “boat in the basement”. He served a purpose, an important one, and one that I needed right now.
  • I finally got to know my big brother again after so many years – I managed to spend four delightful days talking about things from our distant past, and getting introduced to his clan. They are quite a group. I will always cherish that time with my big brother. Sadly to say, since I visited him, he is now facing some serious medical issues.
  • I got to meet my blogging buddy Bob Lowery, and his beautiful and talented wife. I have been wanting to do that for years now. He, and his wife, are very delightful people.
  • I discovered I am an Avant-Garde type guy – My love of art and museums seems to be in constant movement. I have found that I can now enjoy some versions of art that were once foreign to me.
  • Routines are to be cherished – I simply didn’t understand the hold that my routines have on me until they were gone. Routines are important as long as they are flexible.
  • There is no place like home – It took me 6,000 miles to find that the grass is not always greener. I like to experience new things on a constant basis, but I also need to come back to my nest, and its soothing routines. I have discovered that a week away from my cozy nest is about the limit for me. 🥴
  • I learned a lot about myself and how I want to spend what time I have left – I have finally accepted that I who I am. Being a dreamer I have always imagined that somehow I could overcome my life’s challenges, but I finally realize that those challenges made me who I am who. I need to accept my life as it has I have lived it. Despite my hardships in life I turned out to be a pretty good person, if I don’t say so myself.

I must live more in the present and quit worrying about the future or lamenting the past.

That is my life lesson from this trip.

6 thoughts on “On-The-Road Epilogue # 8 – Wrapping It Up…

  1. I will add that finally meeting you in person has been one of the highlights of my year, also. We have had a meaninful blogging relationship for a decade, but nothing takes the place of spending time face-to-face, learning more about the man behind the words.

    You have had a lasting influence on us, too. Betty and I are learning sign language. Tomorrow, July 1st, I will fulfill a promise to you to feature a sampling of her artwork on a blog post.

    May you continue to lead an interesting, sometimes contrary life (!) that brings you satisfaction and peace.


    1. The highlights of your year… wow! But, then again, it was kinda the same for me 🥴 We had traded so many comments back and forth between our blogs through the years that I simply could not get that close and not visit. I love the way that you can say the right things that raise my spirits when I am down. (kind of like this post).

      I can’t wait until tomorrow to see which piece of Betty’s artwork you choose to feature? There are so many good ones that it would be impossible for me to choose. But, to feel like you have fulfilled your promise, you gotta do more than one post. Don’t forget to feature some of the ones that embellish the backyard fence walls too.

      Learning sign language before I lost that last shred of hearing helped us tremendously, and will help you also, if God forbid, that one of you should lose useable hearing.

      Satisfaction and peace are two things that I struggle in life to obtain. Of course, you know that, so thanks for the last sentence here.


      1. RJ, your visit and kind, reassuring words awakened and uplifted my Spirit from a very low point recently. I was able to finish about 30 pieces and I actually started putting them up around the house! Thank you for getting me out of that shell! I’m actually reading your next blog. I will comment shortly.


        1. I’m glad I could help, Betty. You and Bob have done the same for me for more times than I can count. They say it takes a village to support each other, but maybe just a corner (RJsCorner) is enough. 🤪


  2. Now that you’ve verified that Merv functions as well as you had hoped, are you thinking about shorter trips when you can return to home base within a day or two but yet venture out to nearby places?


    1. Hi Linda. I have taken about 30 trips in µRV of 2 – 3 day durations. But, this was the first one over that length. Before Yvonne died, I was in the caretaker mode for about ten year and could get away but not more than six hours or so from home. You are right though that I can now extend that maybe to a week to see things more outside my immediate area. I am now looking into that. Thanks for the suggestion.


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