What’s So Great About The Real World?

They say that those of us with Aspie traits don’t live in the real world. There is some truth to that, at least as far as I am concerned. My view of the world is probably somewhat different from yours. But I have a basic question about all of this.

What’s So Great About The Real World?

In my senior years, I am weaning myself off the daily news. I figure it’s time to let someone else worry about all that. I want to live the rest of my life with more peace and serenity than the real world provides right now. It’s time for others to take the helm of the real world, and guide it where they want it to go. My generation had our chance, now it’s yours.

Despite what you might think, we Baby Boomers had our successes, but there are still many things that need “fixing”. That is up to you. But, you might want to ask us once in a while our thoughts on “your” problems. Believe it or not we lived through mortgage rates exceeding 12%. I know, you think that everything will collapse if it now goes above 5%. We can tell you that that is not the case, but it is up to you to figure out how to fix it this time around.

I am tired to the bone of this pandemic, and I suspect most of you are too. They say the worst of it is probably behind us, but new mutations are likely for years to come. Will my life, like my wife’s, end before this pandemic is over? I hate that part of the real world!

Don’t get started about the politics in the real world now. It seems to have been kidnapped by those who have the intelligence of the three-year-old. Sorry for insulting three-year-olds. How can so many, even after his history, still support the person who tried his best to take down our democracy. How can they not see that? Thomas Jefferson said it takes an “informed public” to sustain democracy. If that is true, you have a lot of work before you. Beside the fact that he is a baby boomer, although a very defective one, that problem is yours to solve.

I am convinced that the majority of the current inflation is simply greed. I am not the only one to see it. That is how the term “Greedflation” got invented. The oil and so many other companies’ profits are into the stratosphere now. It is up to you to do something about that. The sooner, the better.

You have a lot of work before you now. My generation did too. Let’s hope that some in your generation will, sooner rather than later, rise to the task. It’s time for you to quit blaming us for the problems that you helped to create, or at least ignored for far too long.

3 thoughts on “What’s So Great About The Real World?

  1. George and I chased interest rates when we bought our first home, which required submitting a year’s worth of bank statements (to ensure that no one had loaned us money to buy a house that we would then have to repay), a 20% down payment and a strict requirement for how large a percentage of our earnings the monthly payment could be. Every time we got just within reach of that goal, interest rates went up and we would have to save more to get the monthly note lower. We ended up with an interest rate of just over 13% on our new home.


    1. Yeah, you and I had about the same experiences. Me, being single, add a few other hurdles. My mortgage was at 12%. At the end of the first year, I think I had paid off about $200 of the balance, the rest was interest charges.

      I don’t think young people realize that it is us seniors who are financing their home at 2 -3 % interest. All the money from my homestead sale (six figures) last October has earned about $100 so far this year. That is a whopping 0.050% interest.


      1. Yes, you’re right. After her husband’s death, my mother-in-law lived off the interest rates she earned on bonds bought at staggered periods when interest rates were high. We have had no opportunity to park our money in similar “safe” investments. We’ve experienced the stock market downturns of 1987, 2000, and 2007 without the cushion of those high-earning bonds.

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