Guns Make Little People Feel Big

Here we are facing another massacre of children by a person who had a vendetta against one thing or another. In just about any other country in the world a person would be complaining but would not have the ability to do what this guy, or the next guy, or the next guy did.

Our fixation with guns is world-famous. The first thing many people from other countries think about the U.S. is that everyone has a gun, and will use it if they get angry enough. Statistics bear that out as our murder rate far exceeds any other country in the world.

When I came across the quote in the title of this post, it struck me just how accurate it is. Little people who never learned to think for themselves and have quit even trying to learn anything except what the loudest voices are telling them to worry about.

They feel powerless to do anything about all the dangers they are told around them. Their only solution is to take an armful of guns and destroy some of those who they see as stealing their life. Maybe I would replace “little” in the quote with the word “small-minded”.

Yes, I do agree that the problem is two pronged. The first is little/small-minded people, and the second on is how easily it is for them to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Solving either one would make a big difference, but solving both problems might at least knock us out of being by far the dominant world leader in murder rates, especially mass murders. I think almost all of us would gladly give up that title, it’s just that we don’t have the courage to take the necessary steps that most of the rest of the world has already taken. Instead, we will continue to blame everyone but ourselves for these tragic problems.

Shame On Us

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