Every Picture Has A Story (EPS)#1 – An Introduction

To my regular readers (God bless you), it is pretty obvious that I love my special projects. And from your responses, I pretty sure you do too. Special Projects are where I can let my Aspie traits shine. I love studying things in detail, and Special Projects is where I do multiple posts about the same subject.

Some of my Special Projects have run their course, but many of them remain very active. Some have fifty+ posts and I still haven’t run out of thoughts about the topic. This new category also allows me to get creative. That is what this post is mainly about.

Every Picture Has A Story (abbreviated EPS)

This category is where my love of photography and storytelling merge. I know you have heard the quote

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Well, I have a different view of that. Every picture of my portfolio has a story behind it, and it deserves to be told. The stories I will tell you actually happened but, maybe artistic license is taken to brighten them up a bit. That, of course, is every author’s prerogative. 😎 Thinking about this statement reminds me when I first found out that John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie included some embellished stories, I was disappointed. But, finally came to realize that his artistic license enhanced the stories and made them better, so why shouldn’t I do the same.

So, starting next Sunday, I will be giving you EPS stories of my adventures. I hope you like them as much as I like telling them. I am a storyteller at heart, so it just makes sense to add this new category at RJsCorner so that I can spin a few more yarns and show you a few more pictures. I might sometimes be morphing the pictures I use to tell you the story that my mind saw, instead of the total reality that envelopes most of us. 😁 Once in a while, I may also use someone else’s images because they strike a chord in my heart.

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