Artsy Saturday – Baby Steps

Let’s set up a common format for these sketching posts here on Artsy Saturday-Sketching. Just giving you the lessons I covered during the week would be, well, BORING. So, I want to spice it up a bit with some artful meandering stories of whatever pops into my mind while composing each weekly post. Also, I have decided to skip the numbering of the posts. If you click on the “Ongoing Projects” /”Artsy Fartsy”, you get all the post in descending order of date. Ok, let’s get started:

Artful Meanderings for the Week

They say doing a New York Times crossword puzzle in ink is only for the most accomplished puzzler. My ultimate dream for my sketching talents is to do my sketches/doodles in ink. I know that is rather ambitious, but I am, for the most part, a very ambitious person who jumps in feet-first. I don’t know if I will actually live long enough to become that talented. Maybe this goal will extend my life? 😎

I follow a couple of sketchers on my Feedly app and I am amazed at how detailed their sketches are. I don’t know how much time they put into them, but I probably underestimate that.

The ultimate ultimate goal here is to some day be able to sketch a picture of my mind. That is most likely a pipe dream than reality, but it just may allow me to figure it out.

Lesson for this weekBaby Steps

(pp 39 – 48) (see my lesson sketch page below)

Lesson 1 started out trying to sketch a perfect circle. The first way is to try to do it with a continuous stroke; the second method is to use smaller strokes. I tried it both ways but found for me, it was more natural to do it without lifting the pencil off the paper.

Lesson 2 was more difficult. I was supposed to look at the photo Liron provided and draw a sketch of the potato. I was told to take my time and do it as accurately as possible. My attempt took about 5 minutes and then I self-rated it for

  • similarity 6
  • realism 4
  • how pleased I was with it. 4
  • How long it took 5 minutes

As you can see, I wasn’t very pleased with the result, but I needed to remember that this was my first baby step. As pointed out by Liron my basic problem was that I was not thinking in 3 dimensions, so my shading and such was not very accurate.

Lesson 3 was drawing a couple of triangles and hashing them. I did ok but had to redraw the top triangle to match the lower one.

Lesson 4 was shading. I think I did better at this one

Lesson 5 was drawing rain on a window. I just could visualize it 😒

What I Learned – I need to look at the entire picture instead of just the pieces. Take time to do this before you put pencil to paper. Calculate the angles and such in your mind. Most importantly, think in three dimensions. I did remember to draw away from my body, that helped. The next lesson will be about the third dimension.

2 thoughts on “Artsy Saturday – Baby Steps

  1. You are not alone…learning to accurately convey three dimensions and proper perspective is an on-going process with my efforts at painting. Picking a direction for the primary light source that determines where the shadows go is more difficult than it sounds.


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