EPS#5 – A Round To_it & A Crystal Ball.

I used to have a round To-it, but I seem to have misplaced it. But, I do have a crystal ball, as shown above. It is part of my collection of glass orbs. I am simply fascinated by the art of glassblowing, so I have visited many such sites around the country. But, this particular ball came from Amazon. Of course, you know they have EVERYTHING. 🫣.

The crystal ball is about 4″ in diameter and is supposed to be used in photography. You kinda get the idea here, but it is most effective when it is used around landscape or architecture. I have played a little with it, but haven’t managed to do an adequate job of it to show you the results.

As we all know crystal balls can tell us our future. Everyone has known that for a thousand years. 😵‍💫


2 thoughts on “EPS#5 – A Round To_it & A Crystal Ball.

  1. I have never thought of using a clear globe as an aid to a photographic composition, but I see (!) the possibilities. I wonder what the effect would be on a painting?


    1. I was impressed with the results that came with the globe, but have not really tried to use it yet. Another thing on my seemingly endless list, I guess. That’s what makes me want to get up every morning. Always new things to try to learn.


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