Blogging Is Therapeutic…

Except to investigate the possibility of being officially diagnosed as an Aspie, I have never been to a psychologist or therapist. But, I kinda do the same thing here on RJsCorner. I talk about what makes me depressed and how I am handling them. I talk about things that get me out of bed in the morning, that I am ready to tackle.

Blogging, especially RJsCorner, is very therapeutic, and it’s a lot cheaper than lying on a therapist’s couch. I think that all of you who give me your thoughts are my “therapists”. Blogging isn’t free. It costs me abut $30/mo to maintain the tools needed to do it right. To me, that is the ultimate bargain.

I know, and certainly people tell me that I post about some pretty personal stuff that they wouldn’t dream of putting on-line. But, thanks to my Aspie traits and not having to worry about potential employers might think, I can show you who I am. I hope in the process of putting my life and thoughts on-line I have helped a few of you with your daily challenges? I know it is always nice to see that we are not alone in the way we think and act in this world. But, I have to admit that you have taught me as much or more than I have taught you.

Thanks for being my neighbors here at RJsCorner.

btw… An “official” Aspie diagnosis proved to be much more expensive than the benefit it would have provided, so I decided to skip it.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Is Therapeutic…

  1. Regardless of any individual issues, we are all in this together. A community of respectful, accepting people is something to be treasured, like those who read your thoughts, RJ.


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