RetComLife – Feedlot Dining

This might seem like a strange title for a post in my retirement community life category, but I kinda think that as a result of 2+ years of COVID, it likely describes the current sit-down dining option in many retirement communities.

For all you city folks, I will let Wikipedia describe just what a feedlot is.

That is kind of like what happens when retirement communities shut down massive areas of their sit-down dining rooms because they can no longer find adequate waitstaff at the wage they want to pay. So, they throttle down the dining room so that people end up eating shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow residents.

Of course the sit-down option of dining is the most waitstaff intense. Luckily, in some communities there are other less labor intense options such as café or buffet dining.

So, the lesson for this post is to check to see if there is more than one option is available for dining in your perspective retirement community. If not, you might be stuck with the feedlot dining or no dining at all.

For those who are currently exposed to feedlot dining in your current retirement community, it will be up to you to INSIST on another option, or at least raising the waitstaff wage in order to open up more tables in your dining room.

2 thoughts on “RetComLife – Feedlot Dining

  1. Long term, one dining choice would become mind-numbing for me. The RetCom place we are considering has three choices for each meal. Even so, I imagine the wait staff issue affects them too, with cleaning and resetting tables slower than normal.

    Fight on, RJ. Your current situation is not what you agreed to when you moved in.


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