If I Tell You Now, We Won’t Have Anything To Talk About When We Are Old

I came across the words above when I was recently watching an early TV episode of “Mad About You” for the 1980s. That brought to mind the often quoted idea that after being married for decades, old couples can practically finish each other’s sentences. That never happened with my wife and me as we were so very different people. Even in our last conversation before her death, she said things I just didn’t expect. To me, not being able to finish each other’s sentences made life more interesting. I just never knew what she would say next.

But, as the years went by I often heard “Yeah, you have told me that story before probably a dozen times”. I don’t know when it was that we had told each other all our life’s memories, or at least those we cared to share? Since we both had 40+ years of memories before we were married, I suspect the young marrieds run out much sooner than we did.

To close out this rather rambling post, repeating stories is likely a problem from me in my RetCom home. I meet so many people here in a given week and since I am bad at placing names and recognizing faces, I have likely told some of them the same story more than once.

One thing I have discovered here is that almost all old people like to tell stories. Some of the stories I hear here are very interesting. Maybe I should start writing them down for future posts? 😎

4 thoughts on “If I Tell You Now, We Won’t Have Anything To Talk About When We Are Old

  1. Writing down other’s memories? Good idea. Put names to them and perhaps give them to their relatives and friends when they pass. Morbid? Maybe. Comfort for them, both the old person and the relatives and friends? Reminds me of the Foxfire books, the WWII memories projects, etc. Everyone wants to feel there will be something the lived life left, mental, emotional, experiences left when the inevitable happens.


  2. That tv series left a memorable quote with me – What happens to you happens to me. Paul was explaining the impact on him witnessing Jaimie’s response to a miscarriage. It would be impossible to get into our later decades without having a lot of stories to tell.


    1. I am now 100% streaming so I am picking some of my favorite shows to re-visit. Did you know that they did a one season remake of the show in 2020 I think. It’s just as funny as the first series. It is now streaming also.


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