RetComLife – The Thing About Men: Part 3 – Finally, The Project

More Power To You

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post about trying to start up a new activity here in my RetCom (retirement community) that is focused toward us guys. Yesterday I talked about two possibilities: woodworking and model building. Today’s post is about a third path forward and that is Lego.

I know many of you are probably saying that Lego is for kids, but since old people often revert to their childhood maybe that makes sense. What I say about that is


and I am going to convince you of that fact here. I can’t tell you how many Lego exhibits I have found during my visits to museums around the country. Here is a gallery of some of those places

I have seen numerous Empire State Buildings, some over 6ft high in Lego. Lego is becoming a very viable art medium that I think RetCom guys can get into. If that is not enough to convince you that Lego is something guys can get into to “build stuff” here is a quick look at the Lego website for adults/artists.

This particular one has over 1600 pieces!

Considering the three options I think Lego is the best. Woodworking just seems too dangerous for people who are amateurs and scale models are just too small for many of our older eyes.

So, in the coming few months I will be putting together a plan to present to my RetCom management to add to our activities agenda here at my RetCom. As part of that, I would love to see a dedicated space here that could act as a man’s cave and where we can display the stuff we build.

I recently read an article in the Chicago Tribune about senior communities who have or are about to start men’s type activities at their retirement communities. Click here if you want to see the entire article. Here are a few quotes from the article:

As much as men and women enjoy each other’s company and women have gained more equality, study after study reminds us there are inherent differences between genders.

“It gives men the opportunity to get together with people who are similarly minded,” Springer says. “Additionally, it seems to give men an outlet that they want and that they need.”

Weber’s men do not care to do what most women are interested in. Tea parties, baking, sewing, and even bingo do not interest some of the men that would like to spend their time participating in more masculine activities.”

In closing, Lego is only a part of activities targeted to men, but it does provide a way for men to get together and make stuff. Here are some other possibilities.

  • How about Thursday night beer, pizza, and football get togethers?
  • A Walking club that supports those men who might not be getting enough exercise.
  • Men like competitions – how about exercise challenges during the month.
  • Maybe poker nights would bring more men out of their apartments.
  • How about outings that cater to men?

4 thoughts on “RetComLife – The Thing About Men: Part 3 – Finally, The Project

  1. We have several Lego obsessed family members. The architecture kits are very complex, and we have one grandson who has been Lego obsessed from a young age. Last Christmas he had his dad help him build out the Space Shuttle, which is sitting in our family room, as they are traveling this year and didn’t want it to be damaged. His dad has a couple of the architectural Lego kits built out as decor. That said, they are happy with a basic kit we keep in our home for visitors and they create whatever they can imagine. I think that’s a great idea!


    1. Thanks for the stories, Laurel. If this gets off the ground it will be interesting to see where it goes. About 10 years ago, I too became obsessed with these block and built several kits. That was fun and I hope some of the men who just don’t normally get out, come and join us. Who knows, we could pile up the basic kits and build something very unique.


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