The Times, They Are a Changing… Again

I have been struggling the last 16 months in the “alone” part of my life trying to figure out what I want from the years I have left. I have the resources to do almost anything I desire. I realize that it could change quickly, but my health is good, at least for a person who is starting his 77th-year on this earth.

I have always prided myself on looking to the future and how I fit in it. I might not have carried through on many of my dreams, but at least I was always dreaming of better times for myself and the world around me. At the same time I have gobbled up the past. I have read hundreds of books about the people who made it better. People like James Madison, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Will Rogers, and Albert Einstein. In the deepest of my dreams I saw myself contributing to life as they did. Of course, those were just dreams without a flicker of reality.

Here I am starting my 77th year, and I just haven’t decided where I am going from here on out. To me, being without dreams sort of makes life almost not worth living. But then again, I realize that I just don’t have very many years left on the earth, so maybe I should just sit back and enjoy each day the Lord gives me. I know that is what I should do, but to me, that would be totally boring!!!

Looking at my blogging life, I have been at RJsCorner for 14 years now, perhaps it is time to move on, or at least reconfigure it into yet another format.

  • It started out as a blog dedicated to discovering how the teachings of Jesus have been carried forward by the Christian church. That was a very eye-opening four years that basically changed my view about religion.
  • From there it morphed into my “In Search Of America” where I posted about my trips around the U.S. and my love of its history.
  • Then it was on to my view of politics. That was popular and got plenty of views, but it was a drag on my happiness. When that extreme narcissist became president, I could no longer tolerate the ugliness of his world, so I pulled a “cold turkey” on just about anything to do with politics.
  • For the last handful of years it has been about my life and times and how I view the world. This has been a very fruitful time that has, for the most part, brought me joy, but…

Some of the topics I now cover will continue, but maybe the brunt of my time that I spend on blogging needs to be focused on something else? I have a few ideas, but the concrete is still wet on this topic.

I thought I would let you know that, as Bob Dylan says, “The times, they are a-changin”, yet again.

Any ideas on your part would be welcomed.

6 thoughts on “The Times, They Are a Changing… Again

  1. I empathize with you. I recently celebrated my 76th birthday. I suggest “paying it forward.” For example, volunteer in a local school district’s special education program. Specifically ask to work with students who are hearing impaired so that you may teach them sign language and other coping skills.


  2. Since you’re an experienced IT guy, maybe consider your thoughts/tips on securing your investments since many of us have had our personal info (name, address, phone, SS #, email) exposed through various company data breaches.


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