The Mysterious Rhode Island Explained…

I admit that before I made Rhode Island a primary destination of the recent New England trip I didn’t know much about the State, and what I thought I knew was basically wrong. So, in 500 words or less I will tell you what I learned about the State while I was there and since I have returned.

Rhode Island was basically a refugee colony which was established by ‘dissidents’ exiled from other colonies in New England. For some reason, I always thought the opposite. I thought it was a colony of strict religious beliefs considered heretical by the rest of northern colonies. I am a person who is constantly for the under-dog, and since I too was kicked out of the religious establishment, I kind of feel a relationship with Rhode Islanders, even if our situations were separated by 400 years.

While my visit there was short, it basically showed me that I had it all wrong.

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