About The Wind…

I just finished watching a streaming episode of Mad About You, when Yoko Ono asked Paul to film the wind. Paul was stumped. How do you film the wind when it is invisible? He basically never figured it out. But, I could think about several different possibilities.

So, why not write a post about the wind and how important it is in the development of human history. We would definitely not be where we are today without the wind.

Like everything else in nature, except maybe for the prostate, the wind serves a vital part of nature. Let’s look at some of those purposes:

  • Without the wind, the USA might still be a huge jungle. Without it, Christopher Columbus would not have been able to skirt the Atlantic Ocean and discover America.
  • Without the wind, most crops would not be pollinated, and therefore we all would have starved to death
  • Without the wind, smog would have overwhelmed the cities and forced everyone into the countryside.
  • Without the wind, kites would drop out of the sky
  • Without the wind, all humanity would have ended up within 50 miles of a coastline. It would still rain, but it would never move very far from the oceans.
  • Without wind, we would be in a permeant ice age. The heat from the equator would not move enough to prevent that from happening.

In other words,

Civilization would not exist if there was no wind

Do you have any other reasons why the wind is so important?

2 thoughts on “About The Wind…

  1. Here in Texas, we’d be missing 24% of our energy supply without wind. On a more granular level, wind has not always been beneficial, fanning several wildfires including 2011’s that took more than 1700 homes from our semi-rural county.


    1. Leave it up to you, Linda, to fill in some of the holes. Just like everything else in nature, wind is a yin/yang type thing. With the good comes the bad. Thanks for pointing that out.


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