The Vast Wasteland… Past & Present Versions

I need a break from the world today, so it’s time to put out a post about my past and current TV viewing habits, and give you an extensive list of what I now watch.

For the current generations, the Internet and particularly social media is the proclaimed to be a vast wasteland that has mesmerized young people. When they are home, they are glued to their computer and game screens. When they are away, they are hypnotized by their smartphones.

For my generation, our main problem, at least according to our elders, was the “vast wasteland” called TV. We were all going to be robots who were glued to the TV, unable to think or do anything else. According to them, we should have been in the library or studying the 24 Volume Encyclopedia to become informed about the “real” world. It’s ironic that so many of us we Baby Boomers now parrot the same things to this new generation.

But, I’m not really here to talk about the vast wasteland, but instead, the jewels I am finding within its landscape

I am totally streaming now, so what I choose to view is almost endless. I love viewing comedies, but it just seems that most comedies being made today just aren’t funny to me. So, now with streaming TV, I resort to some of my favorites of the past. Here are my lists of recommendations to crack a smile on your face from the good old days:

  • Bob Newhart
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • MASH
  • Cheers
  • Mom
  • Fraiser
  • WKRP
  • Mad About You

But I am now also into into things British from AcornTV and BritBox. Some of those are:

  • Doc Martin
  • Brokenwood Mysteries
  • 800 Words
  • The Heart Guy
  • Candice Renoir
  • A Place Called Home
  • Foyle’s War
  • Line of Duty
  • Waiting for God
  • Vera
  • MI-5
  • As Time Goes By
  • Aftertaste

As you can see, I have more than enough to replace all those violent shows I once watched on Satellite TV. With all these options, I can likely live in my own personal cocoon with whatever time I have left. 🤪

One of the shows I am currently watching, or actually re-watching, is “Waiting for God”. It is a comedy about a retirement home in Britain in the early1990s. I watched the show originally about 20 years ago, but now being in a retirement community myself, I have a different insight on the topic. I love all the outlandish characters and have found the equivalent of some of them in my current RetCom (retirement community). 😎

Closing this post out, I spend more time in front of my computer screen than in front of my TV. But, much of what I read on my computer is probably the equivalent of a 36,000 volume encyclopedia and twenty to thirty newspapers. Would my parent’s generation finally be proud of me or not?

Maybe we Boomers should lighten up on the Zoomers and beyond and give them some credit for possibly knowing more than we ever did at their age. Being glued to our TVs was not as damaging as our parents thought it would be, and I think the same is true for Zoomers being now criticized by my generation.

2 thoughts on “The Vast Wasteland… Past & Present Versions

  1. I share your love of British TV and particularly agree on Doc Martin, A Place Called Home, and Vera. I don’t know if you have access to PBS, but if you like Vera, you might want to check out Grantchester and Endeavour among others. So many great Brit and Aussie shows. We also really liked RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) which is set in Australia.


    1. I am currently watching Grantchester. I think I am starting season 4. Love that show. Endevour I have watched the entire series. I will look up RFDS. Thanks for the suggestions.


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