ATI Part 3 – Forget the Past…

This series is turning out to be deeper than I imagined, so I think it deserves its place among my “Special Projects” and has its own logo.

For this, Ambition Turned Inward post, I want to concentrate on the past. Well, sort of. So much of my life’s ambitions were outward. It was all about being successful at helping others. I just didn’t think much about myself during those years as I was too afraid of what I might discover. Even in the first dozen years of my post-corporate life, it was about helping others. I spent much of that time volunteering in a local shelter/soup kitchen. Those were some of the most pleasant years of my life. But at some point when you are heading into your final years, you need to start focusing more on yourself. You need to put your past behind you where it belongs and think about what gives you personal joy.

I say you must put the past behind you, but ironically the past is also critical to deciding what you will do for yourself. All of us have pleasant memories from the past cemented into our brains. An important part of Ambition Turned Inward is to bring up those memories to discover why they gave you joy. As I mentioned in the last post on this subject, I was always attuned to scenery and architecture. I probably should have been an architect as buildings entranced me. Strangely, I can remember the floor plan of every place I have lived in my life. We moved from the first place when I was six years old, but I still remember it.

Beautiful scenery and poignant architecture give me joy, so why not make that a piece of my Ambition Turned Inward? Until I graduated from college, I simply couldn’t afford a nice camera, but then I could. I don’t know if this picture here was the first outing I took with my new camera, but it was certainly among that group. The Pyramids Office Park in Indianapolis was certainly unique. I still remember roaming those grounds and feeding the ducks.

Remembering pleasant memories from your past, shows you what you should include in your future.

With that in mind, traveling, as long as I can do it safely, will be in important part of my Ambition Turned Inward. I have visited many of Frank Loyd Wright’s homes, maybe I should seek out more of them. Unfortunately, none of them allow interior photos to be taken, so that will take some of the joy away, but…

Of course, photography is not limited to architecture, it is boundless. I kinda think I should try to identify a specific type of photography and then seek out unique adventures in that venue. Along with that comes digital photo tools that are becoming very sophisticated to morph photos into a certain mood. I am beginning to play around with this area of photography, and I am convinced that it also needs to be part of my Ambition Turned Inward.

By raking up pleasant memories of the past, I am able to identify areas for my Ambition Turned Inward project.

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