Lego Of My Lego

If it works for frozen waffles, the title above oughta work for Lego too. 🥸

I have been toying with Lego blocks for a while now. I think maybe I am going to include it in my Ambitions Turned Inward project. I got started with them some years ago and found the time building projects to be enjoyable, but then other (external things) took over that time. The picture above is my most recent attempt. It is a small project, only a couple hundred blocks and about 4″ x 6″.

I’ve got some more kits on the floor behind me. I think I will be building them soon. I bought them as examples for possible a new men’s group project here in my RetCom (retirement community), but that flopped. Why not just do them for my own pleasure? After all, I do love building things.

One thought on “Lego Of My Lego

  1. I thought the Legos model of New York City was simply a stock photo. Then, I had to read the sentence twice- you built that, RJ?

    That shows real skill and talent. Building with Legos is not just for kids anymore. There are TV shows featuring adult teams building incredible structures out of these blocks, competing for big money prizes.

    Keep it up. This is a fun use of your artistic and construction skills.


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