I Am A Frank Loyd Wright Fan

I have been a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan for many years now. One of my early dreams that was too quickly abandoned was to be an architect. I have visited numerous FLW houses and am seriously contemplating making it my 2023 vacation theme. The picture above was one of his Chicago houses that I visited in 2008. I only regret that they don’t allow photos to be taken inside the residence. But I do have a large book coming from Amazon that has those, and may become the foundation for this year’s µRV trips.

This picture was “enhanced” with one of my new photo apps. I kinda think FLW would be pleased with how it came out.

2 thoughts on “I Am A Frank Loyd Wright Fan

  1. I was a tour guide at Taliesin West in Scottsdale for several years. This was Mr. Wright’s home for the last phase of his life and the home of his architectural school.

    The tour attracted people from all over the world who we in awe of his work and lifestyle. It was a fascinating job that required I become almost an expert on the man and his work. He was quite a character.


  2. Great vacation theme! We have visited several of his homes and enjoyed every one. If you’ve not seen Fallingwater, it would be a great stop on your trip. And there is another, Kentuck Knob, about 15 minutes away. Both worth seeing!

    If you’re going to NC, you’re going in the wrong direction to take in the original Taliesin, but it’s worth another trip some day. And Bob mentioned Taliesin West, another great tour. We’re big fans, too. I look forward to reading about your travels!


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