Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing

I came across the title of this post while I was reading articles on the Medium. It gave seven reasons for failure to do amazing things, that stuck to me. Being the writer, or maybe the commentarian that I am, I gotta put my two cents in. If you want to see the whole article, click HERE.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why the author says you don’t stand a chance of being amazing:

You Haven’t Failed Enough

That makes a lot of sense to me. It is only through the light of failure that you can even understand what amazing is. I can still remember the talk I had with one of my bosses in the corporate world when I talked about doing a project that had a certain degree of risk. He said, “We don’t mind you taking some risks, just don’t ever fail.” I think I scared him when I burst out laughing. With that kind of mentality, awesome is impossible. Despite that advice, I did go on to eventually accomplish a few awesome things in corporate life.

Plainly speaking, too many are so afraid of failure, they can never be awesome. I have failed many times in my life, and I can honestly say I learned more about life from my mistakes than my successes. If you don’t accept the risk of failure, you will never do anything awesome.

You Care What Others Think About You

All my life has been lived on the margins. I spent the early part of my life trying to figure out how to “fit in”. It took me years to discover that was the last thing I really should have wanted. It is only when I decided to just be who I am that I discovered it didn’t matter how the world sees you. What’s important is how you see yourself.

Because You Don’t Read

This one kinda took me by surprise. The author made the comment Because you think history is boring and philosophy is stupid. I have always been fascinated by history. I have read hundreds of books about American history, and dozens about philosophy. Those books have taught me much about life. By learning from others, we don’t have to constantly repeat the mistakes, over and over again.

Because You Lack Curiosity

I have always had a great thirst for knowledge, and seem to always question things that are going on in the world. It simply dumbfounds me how so many people just take things they are told for granted. I loved the following quote from the article.

Because you are unwilling to ask this simple question… “What if it’s all a lie?”, and accept the possibility that maybe it is; that just maybe, the methods of mass media are under direct orders to: keep you distracted.

It just seems that too many people are fixated on social media, games and other such things.

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