Never Stop Learning

I, too often, question why I need to learn something new every day. I rationalize that given the time I have left on this earth, why not just coast?

Well, the answer to that is that the more you coast, the more your brain stops working. I realize that my mental acuity is getting worse as each day passes. Often times when I read something, I miss a critical word here or that that changes the meaning of the sentence. That scares me. I will do anything to keep my mind as sharp as possible in the few years I have left.

What kinda scares me even more are those people of all ages who haven’t used critical thinking to keep their minds sharp, and therefore are unable to recognize a con from the truth.

One thought on “Never Stop Learning

  1. As a former engineer and tech guy you know all about the path of least resistence. Too many people make that choice their lifestyle.


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